Following Details will be Covered under this:

DATA sheets of different ICs.

Different sections of Tablet PC.

Different connectors and sockets.

Driver and Application Installation.

Tablet PC Assembling and dissembling.

Types of Operating system in Tablet PC.

Function and block diagram of Tablet PC.

Installation of application software on Tablet PC.

Tablet PC motherboard and its detail description.

Fault finding using analog and digital multi- meter.

Removing ICs by Hot Air Gun Machine (SMD Machine).

Basic and Fault Finding concepts and troubleshooting Problems.

Following details will be covered under this:

Repairing Of Apple Mobile phone.

Repairing Of Android Mobile phone.

Repairing Of Black berry Mobile phone.

Locking/Unlocking of smart phones.

Country locking/unlocking of I phone.

History of Mobile Phone.

GSM & CDMA Structure.

Section of Mobile Phone.

Circuit Diagram Reading.

Introduction to Electronics.

Practically handset repairing.

Apple I Phone Troubleshooting.

Chinese Mobile Phone Repairing.

Electronic Components Overview.

Charge & Voltage & Types of current.

Wi-Fi, SIM, & IMEI & Bluetooth details.

Mobile Phone Assembly & Dis assembly.

Computer operating & parts of computer.

Mobile Phone S/W repairing with coding.

Driver installation and Software Repairing.

Electronics & Complete Hardware Repairing.

Basic Tips for Mobile Phone Hardware Repairing

Chip Level Soldering & De-soldering of Mobile Phone.

Android and Blackberry Mobile phone Troubleshooting

Following details will be covered under this :

ICs detail and function.

Function and block diagrams.

Concepts of RAM and ROM.

ICs re-balling by BGA machine.

BIOS update and password.

Different password removing.

DATA sheets of different ICs.

Use of Debug card post error code.

Concepts of CD/DVD Drive and Writer.

Laptop/Desktop Assembling and Dissembling.

Tracing and Trouble Shooting concepts.

Fault finding using analog and digital multi- meter.

Installation of application software on laptop/Desktop.

Removing ICs by Hot Air Gun Machine (SMD Machine).

Different connectors and, Fault finding procedure of laptop.

Details of all circuits of motherboard such as VRM, Clock Generator etc.

Following details will be covered under this:

Laptop fundamental-basic overview.

Partitioning, formatting, BlOS feature and settings.

Window Installation (window XP, deluxe, vista window7,8)

A- hardware problem-dead condition, display not working Etc.

Tools And Utilities-partition magic anti-virus, diver checker Etc.

function key, start with windows, compatible device other l/o deice.

Laptop assembling & dissembling replacing ram, hard disk, Cd Rom etc.

Various techniques of partition like F-disk command, disk manager etc.

Application installation-Ms-office, photoshop, corel draw, data recovery.

Driver Installation-Motherboard driver, sound Driver, Display driver Etc.

Parts of laptop-keyboard touch pad, LCD, Ram, hard disk WIFI card, CD rom Etc.

Chip Level Practical-Using solder iron, SMD machine, soldering wire de-soldering pump etc.

Ghost virtual machine antivirus emergency repair disk remote infrastructure management system.

SMPS & Laptop Adapter, and Detailed descriptions motherboards, Using Oscilloscope & diagnostic card.

XP-Pen drive Bootable, window7 Bootable, window8 Bootable, pc backup, pc backup restore, lost data recovery.

B-software problem- software not working, corrupted software, VIRUS detection & removal, detection Issues Etc.

Basic Electronic-solid state component & SMD component-identification, working & their testing instrument descriptions-(i) introduction to all testing instrument (digital multi-meter, analog multi-meter) diagnostic card.

Identification of motherboard C-Identification of ports, sockets, slots & jacks also. D-Soldering, de-soldering etc.

Troubleshooting :

Fault finding tips, repairing techniques of audio section.

Repairing hardware issues.

Repairing techniques of VRM section.

Cool testing (tracing).

Hot testing of motherboard.

Identification of all lc's.

Charging circuit testing.

Following details will be covered under this:

SMPS and CABINET testing.

Bad sector recover from HDD.

Assembling dissembling of P.C.

How to change lens of DVD writer.

Assembling dissembling of laptop.

Basic information about computer.

Driver solution of any Motherboard.

How to repair HDD in fatal error case.

How to install software and its free downloading.

Boot able pen drive of Windows XP, vista, 7 and 8.

Plus point how to create window Xp more beautiful.

Types of ram, DVD writer, hard disk and its identification.

Bootable antivirus remove virus without using antivirus.

Acronic To backup of any window or drive and restore it.

Hdd flashing, Types of HDD, ICs and Slots and its Identification.

Ghost Boot Image, Xp live- to protect data in window corrupt case.

Password cracker of pc or laptop, Password seeker of pc and laptop.

Software Installation of ( windows XP ,Window Vista , windows -7 ,windows-8)

Following details will be covered under this :

Lecture and Training on How to test the Hard Drive.

Logical, physical and firmware problems and recovery.

Basic Hard disk Structure idea, Read Write , Head Change.

Training for Data Recovery From Physically Bad Hard Disks.

How to recover data from pen drive in format case and delete case.

How to recover data from memory card in format case and delete case .

Replace the Platter of the Hard Drive and many more ways to recover the data.

Following details will be covered under this :

Networks and Introduction to active directory & network infrastructure.

Analyzing an existing infrastructure.

Designing a site plan.

Designing a WNS structure.

Designing a Network & Routing Infrastructure.

Designing a Internet Connectivity Designing a Remote Access Strategy and also Internet Networking- Configuring Internet connection.

Using internet connection fire wall.

Using internet explorer advance feature using outlook.

Windows, messenger.

Internet information service.

Introduction of Microsoft Exchange.

Requirement & Installation of Exchange.

Managing & Maintaining exchange server.

Administration with Microsoft exchange server.

Managing & Maintaining Microsoft Windows Server 2003 environment.

Managing & Maintaining Physical & Logical Device.

Managing & Maintaining Access to resource.

Managing & Maintaining Server Environment.