9Droid IT Academy providing the web designing and development courses in Jalandhar, Amritsar and Ludhiana center. 9Droid has well expert trainee having more than 5 years experience in web designing and development field . Designing an website don't seem to be a really tough task currently as there are range of open sources or free platforms are obtainable like WordPress, Joomla, Druple, which can build your concepts or imaginations board the shape of websites.

Courses Objective

After the completion of web designing and development courses , candidate will be in high confidence to make a website , web applications and the following things:

Build the WordPress theme

Develop cross browser compatible web pages

Write the light , clean and semantic markup

Make a mobile responsive website

Web Design and Development Course includes

HTML and HTML5 (HyperText Markup language

CSS and CSS3 (Cascading style sheet)



PHP (Hypertext Pre-preprocessor)





CMS (WordPress, Opencart, Prestashop, Magento, Drupal, Joomla and so on...)

9Droid IT Academy offers best C & C++ coaching in jalandhar, ludhiana and amritsar. We provide enhanced training to our students who want to excel in c and c++ language. Our coaching Course program Introduction to C++, Variables and knowledge varieties, iteration constructs: whereas, do…while, for loops, Functions, Arrays, Storage categories, Pointers, C++ categories, Reference varieties, perform overloading, Inheritance.Every topic are going to be lined in largely sensible method with examples.

C & C++ Course

Basic of C and C++

Inheritance (C++)

C and C++ Functions

Structure of C and C++

Data Type and Variables


Passing Arrays to Function

Input /Output Management

Passing Structure to Function

Difference Between C and C++

Write a program in C and C++

Operands, Operators and Arithmetic

Building a Executable version of C program

9Droid IT Academy offers best SEO coaching in Jalandhar with most tough professionals. Our Instructors area unit operating in SEO and connected technologies for additional years in MNC’s. We have a tendency to attentive to trade wants and that we area unit giving SEO training in Jalandhar in additional sensible means. Our team of SEO trainers offers SEO in room training, SEO online Training and SEO company coaching services. We have a tendency to framed our information to match with the important world necessities for each beginner level to advanced level. Our training are going to be handled in either weekdays or weekends program depends on students demand. we have a tendency to do supply Fast-Track SEO coaching in Jalandhar and matched SEO training in Jalandhar. Here area unit the key topics we have a tendency to cowl beneath this SEO course information Introduction to SEO, Google Webmasters Tools, analysis and Analysis Of Keywords, On Page SEO, Off page SEO, , SEO news.Every topic are going to be coated in principally sensible means with examples.

SEO Syllabus: Fundamental of SEO (Search Engine Optimization ).

Type of Search Engines.

How Search Engines Works?

Website design and Architecture (according to SEO).

Keyword Strategy.

SEO keyword Research.

Keyword Selection.

On-Page SEO.

Off-Page SEO.

Understanding of White/Grey/Black hat SEO Techniques.

Algorithm Updates

Backlinks Buildiing and Link Building Strategy.

Types of Link Building

Local SEO, Mobile SEO, International SEO

Third Party Tool Learninig for Analysis.

Webmaster tools (Google, Bing)

Graphic style is one among the quickest growing professions within the internet-driven world. However there aren't several qualified institutes obtainable to teach the growing desires of the business. To fill that void, we tend to had created associate degree entity – 9Droid IT Academy. Established with passion, 9Droid IT Academy offers custom graphic coming up with courses in Jalandhar to suit the varied desires of various styles of professions. Assisted with the ablest trainers and finest designers, this institute offers you best-in-class Training to the discerning learners such as you.

Graphic coming up with courses in Jalandhar

Our fastidiously devised course in an elaborate way covers the distinguished coming up with options like graphics, illustrations, exposure writing, composition & layout for print style, pamphlet style & emblem styles etc…

Course Content


Raster and vector graphics

Color theory (CMYK & RGB)

Line Arts & drawings

Typography – fundamental concepts and terminology

Graphic softwares

Concepts of Graphics & Illustrations

Digital Design & Image editing

Advance Art

Print Design – Composition & Layout

Designing Portfolio

Creating Postscript files

Color Separation (CMYK)

Print Production Techniques

9Droid IT Academy offers best Core Java and advance java training in jalandhar , ludhiana and amritsar. We provide 6 weeks /6 months industrial training to , , BCA , MCA and Diploma students. We have hitech labs and world class infrastructure in our institutes which help our students to have an great exposure and enhanced knowledge. Java and Advance java training is provided in our institutes with practical knowledge so that students are able to make them selves ready for the market. We have trained students in JAVA and Advanced Java who are well settled in IT Field and are earning good. Students are provided with ISO 9001 : 2008 certificate after completing their training with us

JAVA Training

Java Class

Java Basics

Program Life Cycle

Strings and Arrays

Class and Object Basics

Static Member of a Class

Branching: If, Else, Switch

Java Collection and Generics

Java SE Development Kit (JDK)

Constructor and Initialization

Class References and Instantiation

Scope, Block and References of Object

Packages,Interfaces,Exceptions, JDBC

The Object Model and Object-Orientated Programming

Encapsulation and Access Control, Public and Private Access

and Many More..................